The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum provides a broad range of interesting, sensory and demanding experiences that meet children’s needs and help them to make progress towards EYFS goals. Provision across all areas of learning is well planned and delivered in a stimulating environment. All areas of the EYFS are covered throughout the weekly timetable. Alternative communication techniques are used, Makaton, PECS (picture exchange system) and switches such as Big Macs to enable the children to communicate their needs.

2Build a Profile is used to record and track pupil progress. The Early Support Developmental Journal is also used as a baselining tool and for progress tracking.

 Throughout the EYFS classes staff are trained in paediatric first aid, epilepsy, medication and peg feeding.

End of EYFS Results 2014-15 (6 pupils across both classes)

Within the prime areas of learning, the following progress was made:

 Personal, Social Emotional Development, pupils achieved between 46 -75% of their early learning goals

Physical Development, pupils achieved between 33 – 67% of their early learning goals (one PMLD pupil achieved 12%)

Communication, language and literacy, pupils achieved 20-57% of their early learning goals (2 PMLD pupils achieved 15% and 17%)