Leavers programme/Qualifications

When students are in Key Stage 4 there is more emphasis on what will happen when they leave Kemball. Whether it is going into further education or working towards gaining employment, the focus is on helping them to continue their career path.  To enable this Kemball school offers nationally recognised qualifications for pupils to work towards.

ASDAN is an awarding body which provides a recognised qualification in skills towards learning, employment and life skills.  An entry level is a level of qualification for students working below a GCSE level of a grade G. They are awarded as three levels: Entry Level 1, Entry Level 2 and Entry Level 3.

Whenever possible learning is enhanced by using community resources especially through links with local colleges, day services and industry.

Some pupils access supported work-experience placements within the community.  All pupils have access to the schools Careers Guidance adviser who, alongside school staff, supports both pupils and parents through the transition process.  All pupils have access to their own Progress File in which they can record evidence of their own individual achievements and certificates.  The curriculum for pupils with pmld continues to place emphasis on the acquisition of personal and social skills.  Alongside class staff, our Safeguarding assistants actively support pupils and parents in making their choices for post school placement.  Currently most young people transfer to Blackfriars Specialist FE College at 16/Abbey Hill Post 16.  It is not the only choice however, and families are supported in making the right post-school choices.