The National Curriculum consists of subjects which all children aged 5 - 16 years must have access to and this includes pupils in special schools.  It is accepted that access to National Curriculum subjects alone cannot meet all the needs of the pupils and the school tries to offer a whole curriculum which provides a broad and balanced education relevant to each pupil’s needs.

In the pupil’s Annual Review there will be references made to National Curriculum terminology and the following is a guide:

KEY STAGE ONE - pupils aged between 5 and 7; KEY STAGE TWO - pupils aged between 7 and 11; KEY STAGE THREE - pupils aged between 11 and 14; KEY STAGE FOUR - pupils aged between 14 and 16

Achievement are reported to parents at the annual review meeting and at the end of year parent/carers meetings.  It is acknowledged that pupils with cognition and learning difficulties will probably be working towards or within Key Stage One /Two for most of their school life.