At Kemball, our E-Safety curriculum and delivery reflects our school mission; 

To maximise each pupil’s potential by enabling him/her to achieve as much independence as possible and to enjoy a quality of life which is both stimulating and rewarding. 

Our aim through E-Safety teaching is to work with pupils and parents/carers to ensure all pupils can navigate their online life in a safe and respectful manner and that they are able to manage times of challenge online in an effective and appropriate manner. 


Kemball school recognises that there are pupils for whom the teaching of E-Safety would not be appropriate. These pupils continue to have E-Safety values modelled to them and the use of filtering and monitoring continues to be of paramount importance, as it does for co-pupils. 

 Some subject specific learners access E-Safety content through Project Evolve. Pupils access 1 x 30-minute session a week, where they study different key areas on a half-termly basis. Subject specific learners who are lower in their E-Safety awareness access a framework of statements which are linked into everyday learning. For example, understanding that where a name is on a piece of work means that it belongs to that person or that just because a person has a photo online it does not necessarily mean they look that way.  

 Alongside this learning, pupils who it is deemed appropriate for access a half-termly E-Safety afternoon where they can further their understanding of the current learning or access learning in areas where pupils have had issues. This ensures E-Safety concerns within classes can be dealt with in an appropriate manner, where it seems necessary. However, sensitivity is used where concerns are not appropriate to be shared, such as a when a pupil may not want a personal experience being shared with the class.  

These areas are built upon over the years at Kemball. There is also cross-curricular coverage with a particular focus within PSHE and computing. Where E-Safety issues occur, Kemball school believes in a supportive education surrounding this and ensures pupils understand the dangers surrounding their actions. In some of these instances, one-to-one interventions may be appropriate. 


Pupils at Kemball School are confident users of technologies. They are able to understand the dangers in the online world and are aware of strategies they can use should they feel threatened/unsure online. Pupils feel safe in school and have relationships with staff where they feel they can have difficult conversations and be supported by them. Pupils are aware of other avenues to report incidents such as CEOP and NOS website.