Progression Pathway

The progression pathway builds on foundations for pupil’s future education. Pupils study all curriculum subjects to develop breadth of learning. Emphasis is not only placed on the acquisition of key skills but also on offering a variety of opportunities and experiences whilst striving to develop independence in all that we do.

  • In the progression pathway we cover all subjects of the primary National Curriculum.
  • We adapt the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum to meet the needs of our pupils
  • Equal emphasis is placed on all areas of the curriculum from English to PE
  • We encourage independence in all areas of school life and the transference of  skills across the curriculum is a priority
  • Preparation for adulthood and life skills are taught weekly to develop our pupils independence from zipping coats, making a simple snack to making a bed

From September 2023 the following classes will be in the Progression Pathway: Paragon 1, Bridgewater 1, Gladstone 1, Gladstone 2, Wedgwood 1 and Minton 2