Relationships and Sex Education

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)


At Kemball we want our pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to live confident, healthy lives as individuals, and members of society with as much independence as possible.

We know that RSE is essential for our pupils. Our RSE curriculum is firmly embedded in our PSHE, and our enables our pupils to respect themselves and others and to make responsible and well-informed decisions about their lives. It enables them to move through adolescence to adulthood with confidence and awareness.


Many of our pupils have social, emotional and mental health needs. Therefore RSE is especially important as it has a key part to play in the personal, social, moral and spiritual development of young people.


RSE is taught as explicit lessons through PSHE and Science curriculums but is also embedded in other areas of the curriculum and day-to-day life of the school. Throughout the whole school, core concepts are taught to all pupils such as; public and private, using correct terms for private parts of the body, an understanding of rights relating to our bodies, rules relating to touch, positive friendships, respect and consent. These core concepts are embedded from early years and throughout the school.


At Kemball we are committed to ensuring that the education provided to pupils is appropriate. We aim to make RSE accessible to our pupils through age-appropriate teaching as well as teaching that is considerate of individual ability and understanding.

Within the Progression and Functional pathways, RSE is taught through the PSHE curriculum topic areas. The topics in our rolling programme are fully aligned with the Statutory Guidance for Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education from the Department for Education (DFE). Within the topics, the statutory areas of Relationships Education for Primary classes are covered as well as the Sex and Relationships Education for Secondary classes. Children are taught, in an age appropriate way, to recognise and report different types of abuse, including emotional, physical and sexual.

Within the Multi-sensory and Engagement pathways, staff address core concepts of RSE through daily routines such as personal care and manual handling which are important opportunities to address the concepts of public and private, and consent. For example, Staff model correct use of language when supporting pupils with personal care e.g. naming the body part they are touching correctly. Relationships Education is embedded in daily routines such as play times and more structured opportunities for interacting with others. 


Pupils at Kemball School are happy and confident individuals who enjoy having positive relationships with others. Through our RSE curriculum, our pupils develop positive body awareness, and a knowledge of how to keep safe and healthy. Pupils learn how to make and maintain positive relationships with others in order to live a full-filled life.

 * Parental consultation was offered in the summer term 2021 and again in September 2021.  Additional relationships and sex education parent/carer meetings are held each autumn term