We aim to provide pupils with the skills they need to live as independently as possible in later life. A part of this preparation for adulthood our aim is to identify and nurture personal strengths and give pupils the opportunity to make choices around their learning. We ensure all pupils have a broad experience of the workplace, providing them with opportunity to develop their employability skills through workplace visits, meetings with careers advisors, employers and training providers. Pupils begin working towards their different qualifications (such as Entry Level Functional Skills and ASDAN) with an emphasis across the whole curriculum on ‘real life’ applications. We also offer a range of enriching experiences and learning through Duke of Edinburgh (D of E) and Options which develop vocational skills.

From September 2023, the following classes will be in the Functional Pathway: Minton 1, Regency 1, Regency 2, Aynsley 1 and Aynsley 2