Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies


 The intention of the Cultural Studies Curriculum at Kemball School, is to help pupils to widen their knowledge of the world by providing case studies of specific areas of the world

 At Kemball School we want our pupils to find out about the wider world, to deepen their knowledge of a range of countries and ensure they are able to explore each continent.

 Cultural Studies is part of our broad and balanced curriculum. It is designed to support pupils to develop a curiosity about their world and to gain an understanding of diverse places, people, and environments. 


 At Kemball we are committed to ensuring that the education provided to pupils is appropriate. The curriculum is designed to ensure coverage of each continent through a rolling programme. This is to ensure that there is good coverage of the world during pupil’s academic careers.

 Across the school Cultural Studies is taught during one themed week per year comprising mainly of Geography, History, Art and D&T based activities. It is assessed via the Engagement levels, EHCP targets and individual Engagement targets.


 Pupils at Kemball School develop an understanding of their place in the world and a world beyond their local community. Pupils will have a deeper knowledge of a range of areas across the continents and will have taken part in a range of traditional activities from a range of cultures.